Creation of APMSO

The general concept of politics in our society is very disturbing. We think our politicians belong to a world of sin and crime but could you imagine a country or nation running without politics? Even our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is labeled a renowned politician. Then why we are so reluctant? We became doctors, engineers and lawyers for the sake of establishment of our country so why not politicians?

Some time before a person was born in a poor locality of Karachi. As with every other child he was a keen desirer of his career. He worked hard to bring a shape to his desire. After many struggles and after completing his B.S.C he was able to get admission in Karachi University (Pharmacy). Soon he became appalled by the absurd political situation at the University; there were a number of political parties working for their people, but no one was representing Muhajirs. Muhajirs who had sacrificed their lives, left their homeland, their property for the sake of Pakistan, were now left alone and their rights were not protected. From his belief a person living in Karachi or any other city must get all resources that are the rights of every citizen. Muhajir’s were always discriminated on their on their socio economic issues their rights were not protected by the government. They were living the life of third degree citizens in their own country. He was especially conscious about the Muhajir’s, especially since he also faced lots of injustice by the University officials.

After such disappointing behavior by the University officials he started working for the cause of the poor and middle class students of University. He also made the nation realize that the government is not the property of landlords and that it could also be ruled by well-educated and intelligent middle class individuals from the nation.

On 11th, June 1978 “ALL PAKISTAN MUHAJIR STUDENTS ORGANIZATION” was established and provided the university students a way to fight injustice. APMSO got a great fame, after its establishment a bulk of students started supporting it. APMSO won 900 votes from all over the university in the general elections 1980.

After a long struggle APMSO became very successful by protecting the rights of Muhajirs but there were lots of areas left where injustice was still on its peak some of these were rural areas of Balochistan, Punjab, N.W.F.P, Sindh and Kashmir. These areas hold the actual population of Pakistan and are the actual resource production units. People in these areas are not considered humans but are treated as animals. To provide a better environment of studies to those peoples A.P.M.S.O proudly converted into the “All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization” on 11’ June 2006. APMSO’, sole aim is to provide justice, and for this cause it has also established international communities which are spread all over the world.

APMSO, a student’s organization which is now providing its efforts and resources since 1978 now also has the credit of being the most popular student’s organization since then. APMSO is not a cave where a student becomes an inhuman politician but it is an environment where a public minded child learns how to make its personality worth-while and kind to the upcoming nation. Many leaders have arisen from the platform provided by APMSO and now are working for the nation with great respect and dedication.

March 18, 1984 – Creation of MQM:

By 1984 APMSO’s message has spreaded along each nook and corner of province of Sindh. Several hundred units have been formed and hence a formation of its public wing was been demanded by general Muhajir population. Due to this formed “Muhajir Quami Movement” (MQM) on March 18, 1984 which was later transformed into “Muttahida Qaumi Movement” (MQM) on July 26,1997.